S&B James Construction



Central_Point_MOB_1.jpgAs a Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC), our role is to manage the budgetary, constructability and scheduling details for our clients from project conception to completion. One of our primary responsibilities is to manage and control the construction budget. We utilize a number of methods to make certain our clients receive the maximum value for the investment of their hard earned dollars.  



During the design phase of the project our role is to be flexible as we expect and encourage design changes.  Our staff works closely with our clients and their design team to make certain design and construction details track within the budgetary limitations during initial design development.  This process is essential to ensuring every project is brought in “on budget”.



Another major objective is to provide the quality product expected within the allocated schedule.  The owners of S&B James, as well as our project managers and superintendents are assigned early on to help bid and also take the project through completion of construction.  This will involve items such as purchase orders, subcontracts, scheduling and quality control.  Our time tested delivery approach ensures all projects are brought in “on time”. 




Throughout the project, our clients receive itemized billings for their projects.  Our billings include copies of ALL invoices from vendors and subcontractors.  This is not one of the ways we conduct our business, this is the only way, which ensures the transparency and integrity of the trust that has been placed in us.  This simple process will be completed for all of our CM/GC and design-build clients “every time”.