S&B James Construction



Single Point of Responsiblity


The design-build process provides a single point of responsibility for meeting owner design and construction quality, cost, and schedule goals.  S&B James has a proven track record of successful design-build projects based on our commitment to the highest standards in meeting owner project objectives, including functional planning, design, “green-design”, quality of construction, value, budget, and schedule.  S&B James assigns one project manager to coordinate the project from start to finish, allowing the owner to focus on those aspects of the project planning and design that impact them most, rather than on coordination between designer and builder.


Quality and Value


The integrated design-build team brings the design and construction process together from the start of the project through its completion.  This means that the design focus and expectations are being worked out with the Owner throughout the design process to stay on track with owner design goals. The design-builder documents the design decisions that are made along the way and works through constructability and cost issues within the framework of the owner’s planning design goals.  These documents are then the basis for maintaining quality during the construction process, as the design-build team moves to the construction phase of the work


Cost Savings


The S&B James in-house design and construction staff work closely together on a daily basis to maintain good communication as a team, to evaluate alternative design ideas, approaches,  materials and methods that will provide the greatest value in meeting the owner’s budget parameters.  Value engineering and constructability reviews are an integral part of the design-build approach and are part of the design process from the start.   This means there are no budget surprises at bid time.


Time Savings


Since the design-build process integrates the design and construction teams, design and construction phases can overlap, allowing bidding, permitting and the start of construction to follow a much shorter timeframe than the traditional design-bid-build process.  The design-build process allows for materials and equipment procurement and construction work to begin before the construction documents are fully completed.  The resulting time savings translates into lower costs and earlier occupancy of the facility.


Early Knowledge of Construction Costs


The design-build model that S&B James adheres to provides frequent budgeting updates by experienced construction staff as the project progresses.  Therefore, construction costs are known far earlier than in other delivery systems and can be reconciled with the design as you move through the process, rather than at bid time.






Improved Risk Management


Performance aspects of cost, schedule and quality are clearly defined and responsibilities and risks are appropriately balanced.  Change orders occur only when the owner decides to make a change during construction, while everything else falls within the agreed-upon GMP.  The design-builder has complete responsibility for preparing design and contract documents, construction budgets, schedules, obtaining permits, and for construction of the final project to meet the agreed-upon owner goals.