S&B James Construction



The S&B James design department is a full-service architecture and planning firm within a design-build company, offering all the same services of an independent outside firm. The advantage we offer within the design-build model is the integration of our construction expertise with the design of every project throughout the design process to insure a high quality cost-effective project.


Our design staff works as a team with the client and our construction management group on each project from its inception through occupancy, to be sure we maintain continuity of decision-making throughout the project design development and construction. This assures that the project scope, design, construction budget and schedule are consistent with client project goals when it is completed. 


The S&B James Design Department uses the latest architectural software for drafting and computer modeling, as do our design consultants, to assure our clients receive the most accurate and technologically sophisticated design, as well as providing long lasting digital records of each project.


Locally, we have worked with all the major city and county agencies in Southern Oregon throughout the planning and building permitting process.  In addition, our staff has experience working with multiple Oregon and California state and federal agencies, including:


  •  US Army Corps of Engineers
  • US Coast Guard
  • US Department of Defense
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • US Department of Agriculture
  • US Department of Energy
  • US Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
  • Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
  • Oregon Department of Health Services
  • Oregon Department of Transportation
  • San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission
  • California State Department of Health Planning and Development


Evidenced by the fact the majority of our work is completed on a negotiated design-build basis, S&B James is the premier design-build company in Southern Oregon whose in-house design staff and company experience can provide clients with such a broad spectrum of project experience and quality in design.


Design Services


Pre-design Phase: needs assessment and space programming, site analysis, master planning, conceptual site and building planning, conceptual construction

 budget estimates, and zoning and agency review process planning.


Design/Construction Documents Phase: preparation and development of site and building designs based on the parameters established during the pre-design phase.  Detailed documentation of the design for permit review and construction.


Construction Administration: providing observation and review of products, materials and construction in the field to assure that the final project meets the client’s design expectations.



Outside Consultants:


The consultant team is selected for each project based on the specific project needs. A planning consultant is hired for larger, more complex projects to get them through the planning approval process.


  • Structural engineer to design building structural systems.
  • Civil Engineer to design site drainage, grading and utilities.
  • Landscape Architect to design landscaping and other site design features.
  • Mechanical Engineer to design the building heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.
  • Electrical Engineer to design the building lighting and electrical systems.
  • Plumbing Engineer to design the building gas, water, sanitary and storm water plumbing systems.
  • Interior Designer (provided in-house on smaller projects) to select interior finishes and design cabinetry.  They may also assist the client in selecting and specifying furniture.
  • Other specialty consultants are brought on as part of the design team, as needed for specific project requirements.


The S&B James Design Department is committed to the highest quality design based upon a vision we create with our clients.  We work very closely with our clients to develop the best value, most functional and sustainable projects possible.


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