S&B James Construction



The S&B James green design and construction process begins by working with our clients to establish green project goals through early project programming, site analysis, building massing, and design. Throughout this process, we are working as a team with our client and consultants to evaluate the environmental impact, energy efficiency, and cost effectiveness of a variety of green design options.


We design our projects to be as energy efficient as possible, often exceeding building and energy code standards.  We assist our clients in learning about related tax incentives, payback periods and projected installation and operating costs during the design process.  This approach allows our clients to decide early in the process which green initiatives they want to incorporate into their project.



Key Green Design & Construction Process Components


  • Conduct Project Needs Assessment
  • Establish Green Goals
  • Identify Green Options That Meet Project Goals
  • Integrate Green Options Into Supporting Design Strategy
  • Implement Green Strategy


Our systematic green design and construction process has enabled our clients to successfully realize their project goals.