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Salvaged Redwood Flume

S&B James is committed to creating projects that are environmentally friendly. We take our stewardship responsibility very seriously. We incorporate a wide variety of sustainable design features into our projects. We explore green options such as recycled materials, energy efficient lighting, daylighting, and photovoltaic roof panels, with our clients to achieve the most economically feasible sustainable project. We used the same design and construction approach with the renovation of our own office, analyzing the costs and benefits of each green option to decide which would best meet the project design goals and budget.






Green Features Incorporated In Our Office Renovation


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    Salvaged Redwood Flume Desk

    Adaptive reuse of existing facility and site rather than constructing new facility.
  • 17.2kw photovoltaic system.
  • Pervious concrete in our parking lot and drought tolerant landscaping.
  • Replace single glazed windows w/insulated energy efficient window systems.
  • Add thermal insulation to exceed code requirements.
  • Upgrade to high efficiency HVAC and lighting systems.
  • Add skylights to enhance benefits of daylighting.
  • Provided additional user controls to improve comfort of working environment.
  • Utilization of recycled lumber, doors, carpet, paint and numerous other materials including redwood siding that was previously used for a 70 year old viaduct.