S&B James Construction



SBJames-Goodwill--110.jpgS&B James has been a design-build leader within our region for over ten years. Our unique design-build process relies primarily on our professional in-house design and construction staff. We have invested a significant amount of time developing our design-build process. By assembling a high-quality experienced in-house design-build team, we have consistently been able to provide our customers high-quality and cost-effective projects.


We have found that the most successful design-build projects are the result of seamless communication between the owner and the design-build team. From conception to completion of a project having the contractor working side-by-side with the design team ensures that the owner's project goals will be met. 


Whereas our competition may assemble a new team each time a design-build project comes along, we use our in-house design-build team for the majority of our design-build projects. Most of our design-build clients prefer working with our in-house design-build team; however, we have successfully worked with outside architectural firms when it is in the best interest of our client and the project.


Whether we are working with our own design team or another firm, our goal is to deliver a consistently high-quality and cost-effective project to our clients. Our track record of successful design-build projects and repeat clients demonstrates our commitment to these goals.


Our design-build team will be glad to meet with you to discuss your project. Feel free to contact us.