2Hawk Winery

September 20, 2018

Energy efficiency was a key component to our in-house design team when constructing 2Hawk Winery’s 12,000 square foot state-of-the-art wine producing facility. We designed 2Hawk Winery to meet the owner’s desires of sustainability and completed the specifications during construction.

One of the sustainable features that was implemented the in the split-level design of the building are roof-mounted solar panels. These solar panels produce 70-100% of the energy needed in the winery, with the lower percentage representing energy needs as production grows. We also utilized the existing slope of the site and a 12-foot high concrete retaining wall to provide passive heating and cooling. The wall will also facilitate the grape procession on the upper level of the building, and the fermentation process on the main level.

Rick Miller took the lead as Project Manager, and our in-house design team used their extensive pre-engineered metal building experience to design this state-of-the-art wine producing facility. Our erection crews and local MEP subcontractors completed construction in record time to beat the earlier than normal grape harvest. It was a unique and rewarding project for our design-build team, as we specialize in green design.