Construction Management

From preconstruction to post-construction, our team works with the client and users to make sure the overall design and construction process is successful. While some of our clients have prior experience with the construction process and construction management, others may need more assistance and we are there facilitate the process and provide answers. Our team collaborates with every client and their design team to review the client’s project goals.  


Creating a budget is one of the most important pre-construction services we offer. Preliminary budgets are generally based on square footage costs. We also offer professional advice on durability and life cycle costs based on our budgets. While our clients make the final decision, our team provides a realistic budget and updated estimates for project costs. Throughout the process, we work with the client to reconcile the design and costs through constructability and value engineering reviews to assure a predictable and successful outcome.


Constructability refers to the ease and efficiency with which a structure can be built. This directly impacts the initial project cost, durability, schedule and long-term operating expense. During the design phase, we will review the design documents to identify potential costly and schedule-impacting issues and make recommendations for modifications that will simplify construction.  This process continues during construction, based on real field conditions and building product and system requirements to provide cost savings and expedited construction where possible.

Phasing and Scheduling

Detailed phasing plans address operational, code-related and scheduling issues before construction begins to facilitate time savings, reduce the number of mobilizations and to create the least interference with ongoing operations during construction. Our team works closely with each client to develop these phasing plans to assure they can maintain ongoing business operations and continuity of construction with fewer disruptions.

Value Engineering

We provide our clients with a comparative analysis of different building systems they are considering for their project to establish its long-term performance and value versus the initial cost for construction/installation of that system.  This allows them to make informed decisions about the best course of action for meeting their project design and budget goals. Performing this analysis and selecting specific system options early in the design process results in predictable outcomes with fewer change orders and delays.