Anna Kyle Elementary School Main Office and Kinder Complex

The Anna Kyle Main Office and Kinder Complex project is a comprehensive, two-phase construction endeavor designed to enhance the educational environment. Phase 1, the Site Package, involves the relocation of the existing portable building currently used by the Family Resource Center (FRC) to a location adjacent to the preschool playground. This phase also includes the demolition of the current FRC portable building and restroom, followed by the installation of a new parking lot. Two existing solar shade canopies will be retained, with two others relocated to the new parking lot or the rooftop of the new building.

Phase 2, the Building Package, focuses on the construction of a new Main Office and Kinder Classroom building. This phase encompasses comprehensive site work, including the erection of new shade structures, play structures, hard courts, and a playfield. Additionally, the existing bus drop-off loop will be modified to incorporate a new Preschool drop-off and parking lot at the front of the existing building that will house the Preschool.

This project is designed to create a conducive learning environment while ensuring efficient use of space and resources. The strategic execution of both phases will result in a well-integrated, functional, and aesthetically pleasing educational complex.

Client: Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District

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