2Hawk Winery

Client: RMA Farms, LLC
Location: Medford, OR
Architect: S+B James
Square Footage: 10,000

2017 American Builders Excellence in Design

Nestled in the existing vineyard, production and energy efficiency was a key component to our in-house design team when constructing 2Hawk Winery’s 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art wine producing facility. Some of the features to this split-level design include roof-mounted solar panels, which will produce 70-100% of the energy required in the facility, and a 12-foot high split-level to help facilitate the grape processing and fermentation, utilizing gravity instead on mechanical pumps. The facility is oriented to provide a shaded open-air work area and take advantage of both solar access and natural day-lighting. The design includes a state-of-the-art wine testing lab, storage and shipping areas, along with space for private wine-tasting events held periodically throughout the year.


“S+B James Construction has exceeded our expectations. They were always ready to listen: Whether we had questions, concerns, or suggestions for changes to the project. They took the time to understand each individual business need, overall project, and create specifications to meet them. They took our need for energy efficiency seriously and designed and constructed 2Hawk Winery with that in the forefront of the project specifications. Our building was designed with roof-mounted solar panels and was constructed to utilize the natural slope of the land for passive temperature control. It’s apparent that S+B James is passionate about incorporating the customers’ needs, wants and desires while constructing a solid building.”

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