Medical Transport Hangar

S+B James lead the Design Build for Mercy Flights by updating the hangars and creating a modern space for their three aircraft. The previous small hangars were poorly insulated, making it difficult to keep medicines at the proper temperature. The new 19,000 square foot hangar has ample space and keeps temperatures controlled. The hangar also has a maintenance area for ground ambulances. A 4,800 square foot building was constructed for dispatch, operational staff and training facilities. The new structures improved the traffic flow for Mercy Flights’ 14,000 annual patient transports and 19,000 emergency missions.


“From start to finish, the crew at S+B James made sure that our needs were being heard and met. They really took the time to develop a plan to optimize functionality and design, while simultaneously keeping budget constraints and time management in focus. If something didn’t work with the necessary constraints, the crew found innovative solutions to address the problems and were very responsive to our needs.

Mercy Flights would recommend working with the team at S+B James. They value collaboration, craftsmanship, communication, and creativity. They are always professional and embody integrity with an energetic attitude during the whole process. You can tell that they love what they do, and they do it well!”

Client: Mercy Flight

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