St. Anne’s Catholic Church

2019 American Builders Excellence in Design Winner

The primary goal of this project was to replace an existing worship building.  In order to accomplish this goal, the church community decided that the existing building needed to be demolished and the weekly church services temporarily re-located to an adjacent fellowship hall.  The existing construction site and timeline were critical elements to a successful project, along with a very tight project budget consisting entirely of donations.  The new building was designed to fit on the campus among the existing adjacent school and fellowship hall buildings, while still maintaining the prominence the main church building deserves.  The high sidewalls provide both clerestory windows and large windows for the church to add artistic stained glass to enhance the main sanctuary, while also providing natural daylight to the interior.  The main space is a full span arched ceiling reminiscent of early church Romanesque architecture.  The church has both an entry narthex tower with upper clerestory windows and an authentic bell tower that re-purposes the original church bell that is fully-functional and used daily.  The multi-color exterior stucco walls, stone veneer base, along with gracious roof overhangs and stained wood entry soffit features all combine to create a church atmosphere that is an inviting, pleasant, and comforting place of worship worthy of continuing the long tradition of this vibrant religious community.

Client: St. Anne Catholic Church

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