St. Mary’s School Dormitory

Client: St. Mary’s School
Location: Medford, OR
Architect: David Thruston, AIA/ S+B James
Square Footage: 17,000

This new two-story 17,000 square foot dormitory can house up to fifty-four students. It includes a common lounge area with a kitchen, two resident manager apartments, two laundries and a security office.

Foreign and out-of-state students that were previously housed in an older off-site dormitory are now on campus full-time and able to take full advantage of all the school activities and events held on campus throughout the day.  All meals are provided at the Carrico Center seven days per week.

The concrete block walls serve as both the vertical and lateral load structural system and demising walls between dorm rooms. This provides acoustical separation between rooms and long-term durability with lower maintenance costs. PTAC units are in each room to allow for each dorm room to be temperature-controlled by the student residents.  Shared shower, toilet and laundry facilities are on each floor. The building includes WIFI throughout with card key access.

The building location and off-grid orientation takes advantage of views and creates more open space between buildings.  The exterior building cladding consists of alternating vertical sections of painted fiber cement and corrugated metal panels with a prefinished metal cornice and steel support brackets.

The new dormitory provides visiting students with a safe, secure and relaxed place to live during the school year.  Being on-campus encourages their assimilation and integration with local students.

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