Burt Witzelberger

Burt Witzelberger


Burt’s first job was as a janitor for State offices at his family-owned complex in Woodland. He was just 15 years old when he started. The family did a lot of tenant improvement construction in the 40-unit complex while he worked there and ignited his passion for current career. Burt enjoys his job and appreciates the interaction in the field with different kinds of people – workers, owners, architects, inspectors, office personnel, and tenants. He likes the family-oriented team at S+B James and the fact that most of the team has worked together in the business with other local companies.

Fun Facts About Burt:

  • If he could instantly become an expert in something, he would choose: Golf
  • Once saved a person from choking!
  • Dream: Play guitar in a 70’s rock band and tour the world


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