Dick Vock

Dick Vock

Project Manager

Dick’s favorite construction project that he’s worked on so far is the Southwest Health Center – Critical Access Hospital. The entire process, from the visioning session to the first patient, took less than two years! A project of this size and caliber would usually be a three to four year process, so with such a short schedule, it could only be accomplished with a lot of trust, communication, and collaboration from everyone involved. In fact, one of the things he loves most about his job is the camaraderie that’s built within the team and with each project. Dick has even been able to combine work with passion and is most proud of being a part of a community youth theater project where he was instrumental in the feasibility study, design, engineering, construction, and even the fundraising aspects of the project.   


Fun Facts About Dick:

  • Enjoys building unique “glamping” structures
  • Has been the Set Construction Manager for nearly 100 community theater shows
  • Loves spending time with his grandchildren


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