Josh Walker

Josh Walker

General Superintendent

Josh appreciates S+B James because we focus on what is most important, the people! We set high standards for ourselves, investing in each member of the team and promoting a culture of continuous improvement to provide outstanding service to our customers, and that is something that Josh can get behind. Over the course of Josh’s career, he has learned the value of relationships. He puts more time and effort into the people he works with and his clients because those relationships last long after a single project is completed. His favorite project was the Shrem Museum of Arts at UC Davis. He felt it was challenging, but also fun to build! There was also a genuine passion that the client and community had for the project and he enjoyed seeing the expressions on people’s faces as they toured the project.

Fun Facts about Josh

  • His first love is fishing
  • He’s an outdoor enthusiast
  • A family man with a wife and three children


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