Justin Cory

Justin Cory

Assistant Superintendent

Justin’s first job was working at his father’s construction company in Truckee, CA. While he wasn’t a fan of the massive amounts of snow removal he had to do, he did enjoy being able to work outside and, now that he’s older, appreciates the invaluable experience he gained in the construction industry. In fact, he credits his father as one of the most significant teachers in his knowledge and skills in construction. Over the course of his career, Justin has learned to handle difficult situations not only with projects but in dealing with people as well, whether they’re coworkers or clients. He has two favorite projects so far: The first house in Truckee that he was lead carpenter on, and the construction of a large-scale oxidation reservoir in Auburn, CA. He enjoyed to responsibility of running a crew for the foundation, frame and finish of a high-end speculation home in the first project. The oxidation reservoir in Auburn fascinated him as he watched it go from raw earth to a finished product.

Fun Facts About Justin:

  • Is an accomplished skier and rock climber
  • Red Sox, New England Patriots, and Boston Bruins fan
  • Passionate about the outdoors: scuba diving, surfing, waterskiing, wake surfing, rafting, etc.

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