Kyle Wilkins

Kyle Wilkins

Assistant Project Manager

Kyle likes working for S&B James because he believes that, beyond being an established General Contracting company, we strive to better ourselves, produce “awesome” projects, and work towards creating and maintaining great relationships both within the industry and our community. Kyle loves being able to see a project start from nothing, such as a set of plans, and watch that plan develop and the process of the project to completion. He finds himself saying “wow” at the end and enjoys that he was a part of it! In fact, his favorite construction project so far was a TI buildout of an Amazon project in Seattle called “Troy Block” which included a 12 & a 13 story building, totaling 820,000 sf. The 13-story building housed a high-end restaurant on the first floor and, overall, Kyle thought that the restaurant and office spaces above had very “cool” finishes.

Fun Facts About Kyle:

  • You can find Kyle splitting his free time between playing video games and being outdoors
  • Likes to hunt, ride dirt bikes, work on classic muscles cars
  • Was a rower (sport) in school


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