Michael Delach

Michael Delach

Sr. Project Engineer

One of Michael’s first jobs in construction and engineering was interning at AECOM. He liked getting out to the field and seeing the issues for the projects he was working on in person. However, because AECOM is an engineering firm, he didn’t get to go out to a site often and he realized he should leave and get into construction. He loves the challenges that come along in the field. Every day is different and at the end of each project, there is a final product that everyone is proud to have been a part of. Michael feels that in the course of his career he has become more resourceful and learned to pay attention to the smaller details. In fact, on of his best teachers in his career was a Project Manager who taught him about the importance of taking the time to be thorough. “You can sprint through your work, but if you don’t do it right, it’ll take significantly longer to go back and correct the work you could have done right the first time.”

Fun Facts About Michael:

  • Loves to garden and to travel
  • Has gone skydiving in Hawaii
  • Has gone spearfishing off an island in Panama


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