Monique Naranjo

Monique Naranjo

Project Coordinator

Monique’s first job was as a summer camp leader at the YMCA. She got the job after she volunteered. She had to fulfill volunteer hours and was dreading the job beforehand. She ended up falling in love with it and learned that trying new and unexpected things can be very rewarding. Her most significant teacher in life was a woman named Samantha, who helped Monique during a difficult time in her life. Monique learned that she should always try new things and give things a chance, even when she didn’t think she would enjoy it or be good at it. Samantha also taught Monique a basic, but important life lesson: Always be a good person because you never know what it will mean to someone.

Fun Facts About Monique:

  • Loves to find and cook new recipes
  • Has a talent for making traditional recipes vegan
  • Likes the to hike in the great outdoors


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