Natane Rogers-Engle

Natane Rogers-Engle

Sr. Project Manager

Natane had her first job at just 11 years old cleaning horse stalls in exchange for riding lessons. She got up at 4am every day to clean the stalls until 7am, and then get ready for school. The early mornings were difficult for her, but she learned many valuable lessons, including the importance of a strong work ethic. She got great satisfaction in the reward for her hard work, “rewards have come to me in many forms including being provided opportunities to do something you never you could, seeing others succeed, returning a loved one to their family, making someone smile, earning a bonus or being given more responsibility because someone believes in you.” Natane appreciates that S+B James is a young, energetic company. She feels that there is a huge opportunity for growth, not only for the company, but for her career.

Fun Facts About Natane:

  • Enjoys backpacking, riding horses, and playing basketball
  • Is a part of Search and Rescue
  • Was a bartender in college

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