2Hawk Winery

December 04, 2019

S+B James Construction has exceeded our expectations. They were always ready to listen: Whether we had questions, concerns, or suggestions for changes to the project. They took the time to understand each individual business need, overall project, and create specifications to meet them. They took our need for energy efficiency seriously and designed and constructed 2Hawk Winery with that in the forefront of the project specifications. Our building was designed with roof-mounted solar panels and was constructed to utilize the natural slope of the land for passive temperature control. It’s apparent that S+B James is passionate about incorporating the customers’ needs, wants and desires while constructing a solid building.

Our experience with S+B James has been a positive one. Their staff, from management down, take great pride and care in their work, including all the smaller details of the project. They also managed to complete the project faster than scheduled, which was fortuitous as our grape harvest came early that year!

We would recommend S+B James to anyone who wanted their construction project not only completed, but done with craftsmanship, communication, and attention to budget and time management.