Surgery Center of Southern Oregon

December 04, 2019

S+B James Construction understands the unique pressures associated with Healthcare construction. The team, including our Project Manager, engineer, and sub-contractors developed a plan to ensure that the equipment that was being installed would meet all current regulatory compliance, as well as have the ability to be adapted to future changes. The Project Manager listened to our concerns about the demolition, and construction process and ensured that his team made appropriate accommodations to ensure that our safety and infection control team was satisfied with the construction plan.

Throughout the process adherence to the budget, the timeline, and our requests was exceptional. Noise was mitigated or that work was completed after business hours. The boots and the ground team were immediately responsive to any concerns about noises, odors, or the flow of construction supplies throughout the building. The contractors and sub-contractors communicated well with our leadership team to ensure as little impact as possible to our physicians and patients.

Of the many healthcare construction projects that I have been involved with this is the first to be completed on-time, and under budget, while maintaining happy customers… I would highly recommend S+B James for any project that requires significant attention to detail, flexibility, and expertise in a highly regulated environment.